ceivalinux: The Ceiva picture frame running Linux

Administrative info:

Colin's original webpage on hacking the Ceiva picture frame.

Why does this exist?

The Ceiva picture frame is a wonderful low cost platform with an ARM processor. With a little work it can be made to run Linux and communicate via it's serial port. There is just enough flash for a small file system.

My picture frame broke one day and rather than spend $100 to fix it I opened it up. I got a replacement backlight supply an fixed it. At the same time I noticed someone had hacked their frame to run linux. I reproduced their results and started displaying my own pictures.

I then created a simple PC board which has a connector for the serial port header and the required RS-232 level converter (here)

I've written a program which will run on a Linux server and send correctly formatted images to the frame at regular intervals. I've also created a tiny file system with a ymodem program which will recieve the images into a ramdisk and a modified version of a display program to display the images.

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